Park A Domain

What does it mean to park a domain? When you register a domain you are asked for the domain's dns ( domain name servers). which essentially is an address that points to where your domain lives on the internet.

If you don't mention the domains named servers when you register a domain. When someone types in your domain name, it will go nowhere, no one will know the website exists, and google won't even know to index you

and you wont it shows up on google search results.

So you will need a place to park your domain.

parking your domain is easy

What we do at is give you a home to park your domain while you build your website and decide to park your domain at a web hosting company

With our domain parking service, we give you the choice of over 500 hundred beautiful, coming-soon templates, a flipclock countdown clock to count down to your website launch, and the ability to collect visitor emails so you can notify them when your website is up and running. All with no coding or no hosting.

Parking a domain has never been easier. You simply login into our choose a responsive template to your liking, enter some text something like " hey we are coming-soon" and then go to your domain regiter where you registered your domain, and point the domain name servers to us

Typically it takes a little while to propagate around the internet, anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours and your coming-soon website will be up and running, all without the need to code, or buy website hosting

And the service is free. So feel free to park your domain with :)

You will be happy you parked it with us!